Saturday, May 11, 2013

babies. and showers. and hamburgers.

it seems like friends and people i know will be having babies for the next 10 years. there will be so many kids that we could possibly start an army of a sort - ready to conquer the world one sippy cup at a time! as a result of all of these births and babes, i have recently started making birth info posters which are then framed and hung/placed in the location of the parents choice. it's a creative project for me to do for special people who are embarking on a wonderful adventure. something to look at and bring back the memory of that day and how tiny that little babe really was (oh ya, and it helps those parents with more than one kid remember everyones names).
some shameless self promotion: if you're interested in one of these for yourself or for a gift ... just send me an email ( and we can make it happen! i can do any size. or animal (if you'd like a graphic). we'll make it nice and lovely and custom. cost of a 5x10 is $40 (doesn't include frame). the cost varies slightly depending on size of the finished poster. a little something extra ... you can include a matching white cotton newborn onesie for $20. i can deliver the finished product free of charge to a few select locations in abbotsford, and anywhere within the lower mainland for a small fee.
yeah! here's to babies! and names! and onesies! and love! and hamburgers! mmmm. hamburgers.

Friday, March 15, 2013

when it's all a little murky.

it's actually really sad that i haven't blogged for almost 3 months now ... but i can honestly say it has been maybe the busiest 3 months ever. where do i begin? 6 puppies. a stinky basement. an amazing experience. a busy and sometimes overwhelming experience. christmas. whistler. family. so amazingly awesome. would do it again in a second. selling puppies. cleaning up poop. so. much. work. baby crawling. baby proofing. baby loving. baby confusing. please baby don't choke on your cheerios. or anything else that i feed you. sleeping patterns changing. one nap or two? two ear infections for poor little lyla. ouch. some sleepless nights. some a lot of coffee days (you know you're tired when you actually think about your morning cup when you're falling asleep the night before). husband change of career. so exciting! SO PROUD. a little nervous. overall so very grateful. then there's juno. so sweet. so well-trained. so special. who all of a sudden decides she feels the need to protect. for a dog that we always said was the worst guard dog ever ... would let anyone touch her puppies and lick strangers to bits. she has turned an odd corner. a bit on edge. looks somewhat insecure. barks. never did before. so so strange. i must convey the fact that i DO trust her with lyla. but she's still an animal. with instincts. jordan and i feel responsible. or irresponsible. one or both. for a dog that we have put SO MUCH time into. so much attention. so much love and care. it kind of feels lost. wasted. it hurts. we are determined to get her back. got her spayed. no more pups. fine with us! thought that was a good starting point. now there's a cone on her head. she is not pumped about that. can tell she feels vulnerable. now she needs to heal. can't play with her. or let her run. she looks so sad. that makes me sad. what to do? then there's our lovely little home. which is now sold. give it all to god. seriously. he did all the work (well, so did top notch realtor marcus ortner). but you know what I mean. moving end of april. so many memories. for a highly sentimental person it's very hard to let go. but somehow i have. found a new house. fell in love. placed a bid. but lost. hearts kind of broken! what now? wedding in phoenix end of march. then the big number one for miss lyla. where has the last year gone? then a work conference in vegas. just me and him. pretty excited. let's make number two. AH. KIDDING. JOKING. NOT FUNNY. DON'T LAUGH. SHUT UP. OK. STOP. see what happens when life is busy? you start arguing with yourself. now there's now. we feel like we're kind of walking through this foggy/murky field. where the air is actually pretty refreshing, but the view is a bit daunting. cuz you can't see. what's in front of you. so when it's all a little murky. you must trust. somehow you must know that whatever is through the fog is most likely pretty awesome. might not be what you expect. but it will be great. you might trip over some rocks. brush your leg up on some poison ivy. get puffy eyes because of allergies. but know. it will all be worth it. it really will. he is so good. he always provides. no matter what. he loves us.

Friday, December 14, 2012

quote of the day.

"You are in the trenches when you have a baby. To the untrained eye it seems pretty straightforward and easy -- you feed them, you bathe them, you pick them up when they cry -- but it's more than that. It's perpetual motion with a generous layer of guilt and self-doubt spread on top." - Amy Morrison, Blogger

Thursday, December 6, 2012

a good read for a mama's guilt

during the first 8 months of lyla's beautiful life, i've been learning quite a bit. about her, my husband and myself. i've been taught by family, friends and mostly by the little one herself... and i've felt success and failures through it all (all while getting prepared for more successes and failures - hopefully more of the prior). so today when putting her down for her afternoon nap, i tried to understand lyla's terribly uncomfortable and painful-sounding scream/cry. she has turned into quite a restful baby while falling asleep, with minimal fussing and complaining when putting her down. it's been really great! now, i know babies change over time... and from what i hear - just when you get used to a routine, it changes. and that's very much ok. but when i hear that painful scream and know it's due to those cute little pearly whites ... i have a few choices. 1. cuddles 2. love 3. medicine. i start with number one which usually includes a comforting belly rub. it settles her down for a minute or two. i proceed with number two which involves a bit of soothing shhhhhhh sounds and me telling her it will be ok and that i love her. that seems to annoy her. i guess it's time for number three... which has been a test for an individual who will RARELY take a tylenol for any sort of ailment (i must admit though, when i do... i ask myself why i didn't do it sooner). i've tried the natural options, but to be honest... the tylenol does the trick about 90% of the time. and 100% of the 90% of the time, i end up feeling guilty. really guilty. that i just put those nasty chemicals in my precious baby's body. she falls asleep. i get on google and enter: "is it ok to give babies tylenol?" and here is what i found (guilt subsiding... a little).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the silly truth: i feel intimidated

have you ever met someone or a certain kind of person that makes you feel intimidated? for example... in high school, it was usually the girl who was ridiculously pretty with supper nice clothes and was amazing at a sport. or when you gradumicate... an introverted co-worker at a new job that is pleasant towards you but then they have long moments of silence that make you wonder if they willy even like you. or in college... the super skilled and "i'm not even trying" classmate who is just freaking amazing at everything they do. that assignment took them an hour and you've been working on it for days!

or... when you're an adult arnd hopefully you can be secure enough that peeple don't really intimidate you anymore. but then you have a meeting... with lawyers. now, don't get me wong. both my brother and sister in law are lawyers and i don't find them intimidating. BUT I DID! when i first met them i was so worried that what came out of my mouth would sound unintelligent. i tend to have a bit of a lazy tongue. sometimes i slurmyspeech twogether and i rarely use big words. i'm pretty simple when it somes to language.

this might mean i need to do a little more reading or purchase thart book called "sounding super smart and how to talk to people that go to law school: for dummies." i'm not saying i'm dumb. just intimidated. and when meeting with lawyers, i think next time i'll brush up on my language skills before hand by repeating english 30, readin' the entire dictionary and implanting a teeny tiny little language robot in my ear that tells me what amazingly impressive wurd to use in any situation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

jordan's 29th birthday
(it was poppin')

i'm pretty much married to an old man. kidding... he's a young man and so very special to me. On Sunday it was Jordan's birthday. So I decided to throw a little bash for him based on one of his favourite treats... The deliciously fun, some would call vegetable, highly nostalgic ... popcorn.

I swear, sometimes it will be 10pm on a weeknight (yes, 10pm... My old lady bed time), and Jordan will bust out "let's have popcornnnn!" I am usually never opposed to the idea... however, the whirly pop (old fashioned popcorn popper) is suuuuuuper loud and being a first time mama, I think everything under the sun might wake our dear darling sleeping baby.

Therefore, I most likely object... Leaving my poor husband with a terrible case of unpopcorninitis. It's a true condition... And the only cure is a months worth of popcorn cravings all wrapped into one day of popcorn overload. Oh yes. And it was so. By the end of the day he was definitely cured, being served a variety of home made corn filled treats including Carmel corn, blue candy popcorn and the classic buttered popcorn... amongst other sugary tasties and cold beverages. Celebrating my husbandos day of birth couldn't have turned out better (well, other than him getting a win on his pro line nfl picks, shoot!!). He is truly a blessing to my life and a wonderful husband and father! I am so excited that I get to live this adventure of a life with him... and tackle life's endeavors together - one popcorn stand at a time.

Friday, September 28, 2012